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Self-Care by the Stars:

And what is the most amazing part for me is just how willing others are ready and willing to help when they can. The world is gonna do, what the world is gonna do But we as individuals always have the option of being able to go the extra mile for others And that is how I choose to view my own options That same kind of view is being echoed in our Weekly Chart With the Sun in Libra, the emphasis is all about finding balance and cooperation with others Without compromising on our standards of excellence It's about encouraging others to rise up to higher levels so they can share more of their talents and abilities with the rest of us too.

Having the Sun in Libra is a special time It is the only sign that is not symbolized by a living creature Libra is the 'Scales of Justice' It has a way of 'setting the stage' for what will soon follow In the my teen years when I worked in the truck-shops, the old guys used to have a saying that "Payback is a Bitch" All that we are seeing right now is going to boomerang The real magic exists when you can rise above the world's madness and merely focus on your own life and finding the 'libra' balance with others Being able to help and assist when you can, but being strong enough to realize when you cannot People are very smart and can understand I know you guys already know this, but it is what the chart energy is sayin' so that is what I have to write.

That's it for now I'll talk to you guys in the daily 'scopes Keep the Faith Better Days and Higher Love are comin' soon The weekly horoscope for Scorpio has the kind of energy where care and caution will be needed this week because you are in such a high cycle that it makes it very easy to become 'over-confident' or to feel you are 'above the rules' That famous stare has become downright notorious in general astrology textbooks and sun-sign columns. Enigmatic, penetrating, probing while revealing nothing, apparently hostile or ruthless.

The man with the x-ray vision. This little cameo, along with the infamous passion which is usually attributed to the sign, has gone a long way toward making life pretty difficult for Scorpio people. Scorpio is without a doubt the most perplexing and perhaps the least understood of all the signs of the zodiac.

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Scorpios themselves do not help this problem, since they are indeed prone to playing the enigmatic, mysterious type when they are unsure of a situation and are checking out the currents. Let's abandon preconceptions and start from the beginning.

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What is it about the eighth sign that seems to provoke so much confusion, fascination and dread? Open a medieval astrological text and, if you're strongly Scorpio - sun, moon or ascendant - you may as well take a flying leap off the Golden Gate Bridge, or turn yourself in to the police right away before you perpetrate violence or sexual assault on someone.

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The descriptions are that bad. The modern equivalent isn't much better.

Tiring, you might say. What is Scorpio really like? Like Cancer and Pisces, this is a water sign.

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